Transport catering

Companies which serve the segment of transport catering need to work in a quick and efficient way.

In this field, the gastronomic requirements at airports are particularly high. The clientele and its re-quirements could hardly be more diverse – international, young, or old, in a business or private con-text. People are looking for places to bridge their waiting times, be it the short stay or several hours until the arrival of the (connecting) flight. The individual preferences about how to use this time are as varied as the clientele itself – relaxing, working, the desire for a meal or snack, staying in a cafe or bar.

kpc - Verkehrsgastronomie Flughäfen


The length of stay at airports as well as the demand for places with feel-good quality, as offered by lounges, are constantly increasing. As an important flagship, it is the claim of airlines to fulfil all wish-es the visitors may have. Lounges are associated with elegance and serve for recreation. They are restaurant, bar, and temporary office at the same time. Furthermore, correspondingly high demands are placed on the gastronomic concept. In addition to high demands in terms of technology and de-sign, the fulfilment of logistical challenges in the gastronomic concept must be treated, as well as the question related to high flexibility. Ensuring consistently high quality must be guaranteed both when customer flows are above average and when they are low. And obviously, no fewer high demands are placed on the place in terms of safety and fire protection. The current guidelines and regulations differ significantly from the ones applicable in the context of other gastronomic projects. Thanks to our expert knowledge, you can be sure to implement a completely coherent concept in compliance with all applicable guidelines and specifications.

Lounge at the airport

The special segment of high-quality and luxurious lounges not only places the highest demands when it comes to planning and production. In particular the execution requires perfection as well as sensi-tivity when it comes to the environment and its guests.

The implementation of national and international projects for Lufthansa, Emirates, Hilton and Swissotel